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EuroLinguistiX (ELiX), founded in July 2004, is a virtual venue dedicated to cross-linguistic issues of European civilization (especially on linguistic and cultural history, language systems, sociology of language(s), language politics and policies, international communication). ELiX wants to be the central forum for European linguistics (E. Eurolinguistics, G. Eurolinguistik, Fr. Eurolinguistique, It. Eurolinguistica, Sp. Eurolingüística).

Editor and Webmaster: Joachim Grzega, English Linguistics, Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, 85071 Eichstätt, Germany,

For financial and/or technical assistance we would like to thank: Maximilian-Bickhoff-Stiftung (especially Professor Dr. Hans Hunfeld), Eichstätter Universitätsstiftung, Eichstätter Universitätsgesellschaft, Europäisches Haus Pappenheim, Christian Diepold, Dr. Bernward Tewes

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