ISSN 2197-6939

Journal for EuroLinguistiX
Vol. 14 (2017)

Special Issue:
Selected Papers of the International Eurolinguistics Conference
at Vhs Donauwörth

edited by Joachim Grzega

Vol. 14 (full text with all articles and editor preface)

Grzega, Joachim: "Preface"

Calafat, Rosa: "Lenguas minorizadas europeas: texto y contexto actitudes lingüísticas del hablante"

Szulc-Brzozowska, Magdalena: "EUROJOS: A Project for Developing Cognitive Definitions of Selected Concepts Across Europe"

Herrschaft-Iden, Marlene: "The Notion of Europe in British Conservative Parliamentary Speeches"

Klüsener, Bea: "120 Years of Dracula An Essay on Vampires and Other Blood-Suckers in European Literary and Non-Literary Discourse"

Grzega, Joachim: "Qualitative and Quantitative Comments on Peace and War from a Eurolinguistic Perspective"

Ferrarotti, Laura: The Linguistic Landscape and Its Potential for English Language Teaching"

Grzega, Joachim / Klüsener, Bea: "New Ideas for Testing and Training Communicative Competence"

Memorandum on Establishing Eurolinguistics as a University Field