ISSN 2197-6939

Journal for EuroLinguistiX
Vol. 16 (2019)

Special Issue:
Selected Papers of the 2nd International Eurolinguistics Conference
at Vhs Donauwörth

— edited by Joachim Grzega —

Vol. 16 (full text with all articles and editor preface)

Grzega, Joachim: "Preface"

Calafat Vila, Rosa: "The Linguistic Ideology of Eighteenth-Century Europe—A Precursor of Today, for Catalan and Other Languages"

Klüsener, Bea: "Von Revolutionen, Rebellen und Monstern: Mary Shelleys Frankenstein zwischen europäischem Schauerroman und politischem Text"

Grzega, Joachim: "Names, Nations and Nature from a Eurolinguistic View: Notes on Peace-Threatening and Peace-Promoting Language"

Pöckl, Wolfgang: "Zum Umgang mit europäischen Eigennamen in österreichischen Medien"

Reményi, Andrea Ágnes: "Long-Term Mobility for Public Education Teachers in the European Union — Policy Steps, Research Results"

Memorandum on Establishing Eurolinguistics as a University Field