ISSN 2197-6939

Journal for EuroLinguistiX
Vol. 18 (2021)

Special Issue:
Papers from a Project Seminar:
Aspects of Applied Historical Eurolinguistics

edited by Joachim Grzega

Vol. 18 (full text with all articles and editor preface)

Grzega, Joachim: "Preface to Papers from a Project Seminar in Applied Historical Eurolinguistics"

Adolf, Philippa / Liebe, Nina: "Women and Homosexuals: Some Aspects of Politically Correct Gender-Related Words in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Poland (A Seminar Project)"

Frauenknecht, Lisa Marie / Heizmann, Hanna Sofie / Grzega, Joachim: "Gender-Inclusive Job Titles and Gender Gap in Ten European Countries (A Seminar Project)"

Mair, Carolin / Wörz, Caroline / Grzega, Joachim: "A Colloquy Analysis of Answers to Thanks in English, German, Spanish, and French around 1600 (A Seminar Project)"