ISSN 2197-6939

Journal for EuroLinguistiX
Vol. 19 (2022)

Special Issue:
Pieces of Peace Linguistics

edited by Joachim Grzega

Vol. 19 (full text with all articles and editor preface)

Grzega, Joachim: "Preface to Pieces of Peace Linguistics"

Grzega, Joachim: "In Memoriam Sture Ureland (1937-2022)"

Gomes de Matos, Francisco: "A Mini-Poem: Global Peace Is Our Aim"

Grzega, Joachim: "Four Poems for Peace"

Grzega, Joachim: "Diplomatic Solutions through Cultural Keywords: Peace-Linguistics Notes on Selected Speeches at the General Debate of 2022 Session of the UN General Assembly"

Grzega, Joachim: "Friedsamer leben durch wirksames Lernen - Analysen aus Sprachkursen mit Ukrainern (with conclusions in German and English)"

Grzega, Joachim: "How to Facilitate Russian as a Foreign Language for Beginners as a Fresh Way to Peace Promotion: Memory Hooks and 'Language Workout'"

Butzkamm, Wolfgang: "The Joy of Recognition--Exploring the Paradigm Shift in Foreign Language Teaching"